women Saved this Kitten from Driveway, But she Didn’t Know that she finds her forever best friend, they are now as a little happy family


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little pretty cat (Cloe and Crowley @cloethekitten )


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A few months later, a new kitty named Crowley joined the family.

” I noticed that Cloe was restless when I ‘d come home from work and thought she could use a friend. He’s two weeks younger than her.”

After a few days of hissing and swatting, Cloe decided to snuggle up to her new pal for a cuddle and the rest is history.

” They love each other so much now!”

Bree never thought about getting a cat until she met Cloe, now has two feline companions that she loves to bits.

It’s been one year since Cloe was found in the driveway. “She saved me too! I think she came to me exactly when I needed her!”

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