Sad Boy Wrote to Santa About His 20-Years-Old Lost Cat and Received a gift he wasn’t expecting.


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the pretty cat


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” So happy for an amazing trapper, one cooperative Bumblebee, and also the force that is FieldHaven to keep me sincere and make this little household whole again.” Both felines were discovered within a brief range of their destroyed area. On December 18th, Joe, as well as Tyson, involved the shelter in bringing their tabby feline residence.

” He cuddled Bumblebee completely house,” Candice claimed. “It makes my heart so satisfied to see my little man rejoined with his babies.” “It was a great day recognizing that FieldHaven’s personnel, as well as volunteers, played a role in reuniting this family member with their cherished cats,” the rescue said. With each other once again, the two feline brothers or sisters couldn’t be happier!

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