10-years-old cute kitty cat feels So Happy to Be Adopted. She Brings Slippers to Her adopter Every Morning


Access to food and drink

The cat is an animal that likes to nibble. It can make up to 15 to 20 small meals per 24 hours.

Free access to food is the only way to respect this behavior. For this reason, veterinarians generally advise giving your cat croquettes, which do not “damage” during the day.

To respect your cat’s feeding mode, provide a kibble dispenser. He’ll eat when he wants.

However, it is essential to check that your cat does not overeat according to his recommended daily ration.

To make your cat happy, it is also important to respect his preferences regarding the drink. We recommend giving only water: see our health card “your cat loves water,” but some cats prefer standing water such as those of flower subplots, others water flowing directly from the tap or water fountain.

This list of layouts can be easily enriched according to the cat’s needs, the ideas of their owners… We hope we’ve been able to help you make your cat happy!